ADA Resolution Response to Medical Provider ‘No Visitor’ Policies During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Office for Civil Rights, at the U.S. Department of Health &
Human Services, has enacted a national resolution requiring
hospitals to modify their ‘No Visitor’ policies, to safely allow in-person
supports (caregivers, family members) for patients, who are needed by you
in order to benefit from medical care provided during the COVID-19

As a person with a disability, if you should need emergency hospital
care (including the ER), or to visit a medical provider, and require the support of
either your caregiver or family member in the treatment/examination
room, the medical provider must allow this to assist you in making
informed decisions on your care/treatment.

If you should have questions or need assistance, call our Van Nuys Service Office (Henry or Esther) 818.988.9525, or Lancaster Service Office (Anabell) 661.942.9726

(You will want to download, print and take this document with you to show to the
medical provider at the time of your visit)


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