Independent Living Center of Southern California



'ILCSC' is
a family


The ILCSC is dedicated to providing the services which offer the opportunity to seek an individual path towards independence, while educating the community.

ILCSC is a non-residential agency providing a wide range of services to a growing population of People with Disabilities, including Youth, Older Adults, and Veterans…persons of all ages with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Stroke, Cancer, Autism, Visual Impairments, Arthritis, Loss of Hearing, Mental Illness, and Physical Impairments.



If you come to us with a need we are committed to meeting that need.



We assist persons with disabilities in their goal of living independently.



How people are treated directly impacts their dignity and we are dedicated to serving with kindness.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."


Remember the Past

Since 1976

In 1975 Norma Jean Vescovo, Darrell McDaniel, Lou Nau, and Bob Campbell,  worked together to plan, develop, and set up the operations of the ILCSC. As a team, we worked with the people in the community to seek out the needs of persons with disabilities.

The ILCSC was established in 1976 and we made one promise, that has been consistent throughout our 43 years, ‘If you need a service, and are a person with a disability, come to us and you will receive that service.’

Founding Members of ILCSC in 1976
Founding ILCSC Board Members – (left to right) Darrell McDaniel; Lou Nau; and Bob Campbell
1976 ILCSC Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
1976 ILCSC Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – (left to right) Ed Roberts, Ernani Bernardi, Darrell McDaniel
Norma Jean Vescovo portrait and picture receiving placque
Norma Jean Vescovo , founder ILCSC, Executive Director 1976-2020

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

‘If you need a service, and are a person with a disability, come to us and you will receive that service.’

What do you Need?

we work hard
in all fields

Any Person with a Disability, Older Adult, or Veteran, who may benefit from ILCSC services or programs, is eligible without charge…regardless of disability, race, creed, nationality, or age.

Vocational Training

We can help you learn the skills that will make you a valued member of any workplace.

Housing Assistance

Although the ILCSC is a non-residential organization, we offer housing opportunity referrals in the community.

Job Placement & Coaching

ILCSC provides pre-employment preparation and job placement assistance services.

Computer Skills

Our computer lab and Training House classes equip you to know your way around a computer.

Traumatic Brain Injury Support

We offer a wide range of services to clients who have experienced Traumatic Brain Injury.


Our staff is trained to help you understand your rights, express your views and wishes, and help make sure your voice is heard.
Computer Room at ILCSC Training Room
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“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”
-Christopher Reeve
Woman entering Lancaster office of ILCSC
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Our Board of Directors

The ILCSC Board of Directors guide the organization with advice and counsel. They help us to fulfill our mission and vision. The Board provides the expertise and leadership needed to guide our organization in providing excellence, both in services and programs.

Our Board represents the people we serve. A minimum of 51% are people with disabilities. They reflect the socioeconomic, ethnic, geographic and disability diversity of our community.

We appoint Board members based upon their interest in our mission. Our Board meets monthly. Board members are volunteers and are not paid.

The ILCSC gives our thanks and appreciation to each and every one of our Board Members for their dedication and service.