Vocational Training

-Job Skills
-Job Coaching
-Job Placement

Teaching communication, socialization skills and vocational training, including job readiness, interviewing and pre-vocational skills.


The curriculum of our vocational training sessions includes a variety of skills. The skills needed depend upon a client’s specific interests and the necessity. The important lessons for every client include general and workplace etiquette:

Social Skills

Living Skills

Computer Skills Classes

Vocational Training

We use an online program to teach these skills, which is accessible to you both at the ILCSC and at home. This flexibility allows you to watch videos and take quizzes on computer programs at your own pace.

Other aspects of vocational training are tailored to the client’s specific goals set forth by either the Department of Rehabilitation or by the clients themselves and may entail helping a client find volunteer opportunities, where they can gain the experience needed to secure a job.

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Mission Statement – The ILCSC is dedicated to providing the services which offer the opportunity to seek an individual path towards independence, while educating the community.

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