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Teaching communication, socialization skills and vocational training, including job readiness, interviewing and pre-vocational skills.


The curriculum of our vocational training sessions includes a variety of skills. The skills needed depend upon a client’s specific interests and the necessity. The important lessons for every client include general and workplace etiquette:

Social Skills

Living Skills

Computer Skills Classes

Vocational Training

We use an online program to teach these skills, which is accessible to you both at the ILCSC and at home. This flexibility allows you to watch videos and take quizzes on computer programs at your own pace.

Other aspects of vocational training are tailored to the client’s specific goals set forth by either the Department of Rehabilitation or by the clients themselves and may entail helping a client find volunteer opportunities, where they can gain the experience needed to secure a job.

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Getting a job is not the easiest thing to do, but often it is the most important priority. At ILCSC we will teach you the basics of filling out the application, creating a resume, and mastering the job interview.

Often, getting the job is a reflection of the confidence you bring to the interview. Let us help you gain the confidence you need to overcome insecurity and improve your chances at getting the job you want.

Etiquette in the workplace matters.

Everything from how you interact with your co-workers, boss, and the public to your work ethics play into workplace etiquette. These things impact your mobility in the company that you work for and ultimately affect any future job you might pursue.

Let up help you polish up your etiquette and be the best you can be in the workplace.

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Learn specific job skills as well as skills that will help you in any workplace situation.

Concrete skills like written and verbal communication, technical skills, and many more. We can tailor the training to meet your needs.

Assess your skills, practice your skills, learn from others. We are here to help you expand your skillset.

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What is a budget?
A budget is a plan you write down to decide how you will spend your money each month.

A budget helps you make sure you will have enough money every month. Without a budget, you might run out of money before your next paycheck.

Having the ability to cook for yourself opens the door to health, independence and is a budget friendly solution to nutrition.

Living in the modern world is nearly impossible these days without some computing skills. Email, word-processing, internet savviness, and Microsoft programs, are some of the few areas you can learn or improve skills in.

You can benefit from our computer lab and the confidence it will give you with computing.

Growing your own plants and food is not only a great hobby but can also enrich your lifestyle. Knowing the soil, when to plant, how to care for the plant, when and how to harvest are just a few of the skills you will learn at our garden (with accessible, raised planting bins) as you practice the art of horticulture.

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Developing skills leads to more opportunity and creates more confidence...

At ILCSC we are committed to serving you and building your independence!

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Mission Statement – The ILCSC is dedicated to providing the services which offer the opportunity to seek an individual path towards independence, while educating the community.

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