Housing Assistance

A primary feature of the Independent Living Center of Southern California is our emphasis on helping you with appropriate housing.

Housing Assistance

One of the Independent Living Center of Southern California’s main services is assistance for clients in finding the appropriate housing for their particular situation. The housing department’s main objective is to teach clients how to be independent regarding the process of finding and applying for housing.

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Different Housing Options

Where you land will depend on your specific need and housing availability – we can help you with both.
The process of getting accepted into various housing situations is different for every type of organization. For example, those who submit an application for low-income housing are generally placed on a waitlist and are encouraged to follow up with the institution they applied to on a regular basis. Clients may remain on shelter waitlists for a time. Los Angeles Family Housing, for one, may place clients on a waitlist for up to six months.

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Settling your living arrangement may be the single most important decision you make!

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Mission Statement – ILCSC is dedicated to providing services which offer the opportunity to seek an individual path towards independence, while educating the community.

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